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TOP GENERATION - Top Generation (1969-1972)

TOP GENERATION (who started out as "Korali" and later on "Generacija") was a rock band from Maribor (Slovenia) who extensively toured Central Europe in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Amongst themselves, they made a distinction between The Beatles and The Rolling Stones’ followers. But unquestionably a fact remains that they were the first and leading beatniks in Slovenia. This is their recordings from 1969-1972.

KORAK - Mamin sin (1979) Single

KORAK second single record from 1979.

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KORAK - Rođendan (1977) Single

KORAK was a pop rock band from Bosnia and Herzegovina (ex-Yugoslavia), active in the late of 70's. They published only two single records "Rođendan" in 1977, and "Mamin sin" in 1979.

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STOP - Stop (1980)

STOP first album from 1980.

STOP - Labirint (1979) Single

STOP originated in Zagreb, the capitol of Croatia, in 1978 and has been active with it's current membership for the past 10 years.the group consits of lead guitarist Nikola Sarapa also the founder and leader of the band, drummer Goran Markić, bass player Ivica Mikšić, and singer Ervin Baučić, the group's main focus is on the perfomance of big hard-rock hits oflate sixties (i.e. Jimi Hendrix, cream, etc.) but they also play classic rock and roll and blues. The group has thus for recorted one maxy single and six albums, in addition to holding hundreds of live performances throughout Croatia, former Yugoslavia, Italy, Austria and Germany. The group has gained a formidable reputation and popularity over the years with the devotees of original hard rock.especially noteworthy are group's signature takes of Jimi Hendrix's hits. Finally, I should also mention of successful live TV performances during the group's long existence. While the true fans of this music still exist in these parts of the world, the style has udeniably lost a lot of general popularity over the years and the market for it has been declining steadily. The members of STOP on the other hand may be getting older, but they feel like they've got a few more years left in the tank and are eager to show it.T his goes especially for the lead guitarist Nikola Sarapa, who is truly unique talent that makes this band what it is. (from

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BOJLER - Demo Tapes (1986-1987)

BOJLER was a rock band from Idrija (Slovenia) in former Yugoslavia, active in the late of 80's. Members were Darko Kaurič (guitar) and Bojan Laponja (vocal). These are their some demo recordings from 1986-1987.

IGUMAN & TAOCI - Iguman & Taoci (1985)

IGUMAN & TAOCI was a rock band from Beograd (Serbia) in former Yugoslavia. This is their only one EP from 1985. (thanks to jugozvuk)

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KAMELEONI - Sunny Cry (1968) EP

KAMELEONI third EP from 1968. This is their music made for Boštjan Hladnik film "Sončni krik".

KAMELEONI - Kameleoni (1966-1967)

KAMELEONI started in 1965 in Koper, Slovenia (ex-Yugoslavia). Same year they had their first gig. 1966 they share first price of Championship of Yugoslav bands together with Roboti. Their song "Sjaj izgubljene ljubavi" becomes very popular and they tour whole ex Yugoslavia. They also play often in Austria and Italy. They also played in famous Piper club in Rome. In 1968 they have some members changes and they make music for film "Sončni krik". They split up 1969 but they have reunion concert in 1981 when they make their first long play record. They are still active and few years ago they released album with new songs. Personally, Kameleoni are one of my favorite 60s bands. I can compare them with The Byrds - they have those nice lazy feeling in their music, beautiful vocals and magical jingle sound of guitar. Kameleoni were influenced by early folk punk sound - not only The Byrds but also Love. I like their cover versions of "Dedicated to the One I Love", "With a Girl Like You", "For No One", but I like their songs as "Sjaj izgubljene ljubavi" (one of the best 60s songs), "Looking For Me", "Gdje si ljubavi" even more. (from